Aerial photography has always been a passion of mine and I have worked from regular light aircraft, microlights, gyrocopter, and hot air balloons. Although I trained as a microlight pilot and as a paramotor pilot I now produce aerial video and stills using a drone


Scenics have been a bi-product of my photojournalistic and timelapse movie work. Most of the images shown here are either from magazine stories or timelapse movie clips. Some however were shot simply for stock library sale.


I have spent many years covering most of the World’s major cities in both stills and timelapse movie clips. These images are a small selection from that material.

Science & Industry

For a period of around ten years from the middle of the 1990’s I worked on annual reports and corporate brochures for a range of mainly science & technology based companies. My background in academic science as well as all the magazine stories I had done in the past held me in good stead for…