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Packing Shot GeoffGeoff’s work has been featured in titles all around the world.

Please click on a link below to see some examples of interviews and work by Geoff:

HyperZoom creator Geoff Tompkinson explains how to pull it off

Worlds longest HyperZoom

The coolest video of Austria you will ever see

The only video to watch if you are planning a trip to Austria
Conde Nast Wired

Un paseo HyperZoom por el increible Atlantis Paradise Island de las Bahamas
Radar De Viajes

HyperZoom™ Atlantis
GIF Magazine

The photographer who invented HyperZoom™ technology
ISO 1200 Photography Magazine

Behind the scenes with Geoff Tompkinson and HyperZoom™ (English Version)
Deutsche Welle (German International TV)

Behind the scenes with Geoff Tompkinson and HyperZoom™ (German Version)
Deutsche Welle (German International TV)

Breathtaking new video technique
Spiegel Online – Germany

Change the way you think about travel photography forever
Smithsonian Magazine


HyperZoom Hallstatt
Germany – GEO online

This surreal HyperZoom timelapse looks like one continuous shot

HyperZoom through an Austrian village
Picture Correct

Mezmerizing HyperZoom Film
Resource Travel

Hallstatt should be next on your bucket list
Travel & Leisure

A Dizzying flight around Hallstatt
Laughing Squid

A Dizzying HyperZoom through the small town of Hallstatt
SLR Lounge

Rundflug durch Hallstatt mit beeindruckender Technik

Timelapse video reinvented

Video technique puts us in a frantic flight over multiple locations
Magnet – Spain

Hyperzooming Hallstatt
The Naturalist – Greece

HyperZooming through Hallstatt
Was is hier eigentlich los

Flying around town with a Camera Zoom

Gizmodo – Australia

United Nations Trendolizer

HyperZoom la vidéo timelapse réinventée
France – Pixfan

Experience Upper Austria as a timelapse Tourist

HyperZoom Hallstatt
Holland – Digi Photo Pro

HyperZoom Hallstatt etc
Hong Kong – Photo Blog HK

Reflections on Austria’s perfect mountain lake

‘In the spotlight – Hyperlapse Master Geoff Tompkinson’
Promote Control

‘The Man Who Controls Time’

‘A quick chat with Geoff Tompkinson’
The Independant

‘A trip through St.Petersburg in Hyperlapse’
Russia – Beyond the headlines

‘Shooting Hyperlapse films’
ISO1200 Magazine

‘Innovating with video – Hyperlapse’
Getty Images – Youtube

‘A brief History of time’
Digital Photographer Magazine

Traveling the World as a timelapse photographer – meet Geoff Tompkinson
Time Lapse Italia

Interview with Hyperlapse Master – Geoff Tompkinson
f-stop Lounge

‘Video vom Hallstättersee macht Furore’
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

‘Hallstättersee zeitgerafft’

‘Von New York bis Goisern – die Welt der Tompkinsons im Zeitraffer
Ischler Woche

‘Stunning timelapse views of New York and Chicago’