‘Chicago Toccata & Fugue’ has been officially selected for the Idyllwild Film Festival 2015

The greatest little film festival on Earth. Touted as the next Sundance, Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema brings all the elements that make bigger festivals so amazing, yet stays true to its credo: “No film is too small.” Held every year in January, the festival is the pride of Idyllwild California, also home of the world famous Idyllwild Jazz In The Pines festival. Idyllwild is just two hours east of Los Angeles. An Alpine Village providing the perfect setting for a winter film festival. Distributors, stars, filmmakers and film movers and shakers, all sing the praises of the greatest little film festival on Earth. The Idyllwild Independent Festival Of Cinema. Many of 2014’s Idyllwild winners went on to big distribution deals and awards and at world renowned festivals world wide. Don’t miss Idyllwild 2015.

For the first time this year they have introduced a Timelapse Category and I was approached to enter two of my films. I chose ‘Chicago -Toccata & Fugue’ as one of my entries as it showcases my time shifting – animated layer masking technique which should provide more interest than a conventional timelapse film.

My other entry was ‘Moving Through New York’ as it showcases completely different techniques – conventional timelapse – hyperlapse and multi layer exposure assembly in post production. See my blogs index for more on this video.

Lets hope that the timelapse category is a success this year and that it becomes a permanent fixture at Idyllwald.

See the film here – it’s fun!

My new website is now active – the workshop schedule for 2015 is mostly in place. If you are interested in attending I suggest you reserve a place now – we have a limited number of vacancies.